At Upper Grand Vets, we offer a variety of ways help you improve productivity and profitability

Reproductive Exams: Getting a cow in calf efficiently means that she spends more of her lifetime in the most profitable part of her lactation. We offer ultrasound reproductive exams as part of a herd health routine or by appointment as required. Ultrasound allows for accurate detection of pregnancy at 27-28 days past breeding to decrease the number of days open. We also offer fetal sexing at 60-90 days bred to provide the ability for more informed culling decisions and peri-parturient cow management.

Record analysis: Performed as part of routine herd health to monitor your herd’s performance, record analysis allows for early detection of potential issues as well as identification of opportunities for increased profitability.

Vaccination Programs: We will tailor a vaccine program to meet your herd’s needs based on the specific risks present on your farm.


Udder health is a critical part of your dairy operation. Even having a linear score above 2 means that milk production is being lost. We are committed to supporting udder health on your farm.

Milk Culture: Culture of milk allows us to identify the pathogen causing increased SCC or mastitis and therefore the optimal course of treatment. We can pick up the samples at herd health or they can be dropped off at the clinic and results will be provided in 24-48 hours.


Raising calves to your next generation of milking cows represents a significant investment. We offer a variety of services to monitor and maximize the success of your young stock management.

Blood Antibodies (Serum Total Proteins): Failure of passive transfer increases the risk of calfhood disease and associated downstream effects. Measurement of blood antibody levels (serum total protein) in calves allows us to determine the success of current colostrum management practices. We can collect blood samples at herd health, or blood samples can be dropped off at the clinic and results will be provided in 24-48 hours.

Calf growth: Measuring heifer growth allows us to evaluate whether input costs are reflected by heifer performance, or to identify opportunities for a more cost-effective heifer program

Reproduction: We can customize reproductive programs to fit and meet your goals in heifer raising

Record analysis: As with mature lactating cows, we can analyze DHI and on-farm records to guide reproductive programs, detect potential issues early, and identify areas of opportunity for increased profitability.


At Upper Grand Vets, we recognize that foot health is tremendously important in providing the best possible cow comfort.

Chute Service: We have a portable foot chute that can be brought on farm to give the best restraint and treatment for lame cows.


Residue Testing: We offer in-clinic quick turn-around residue testing for bulk tank or individual cow samples. Emergency testing after hours is available.

We have access to a full range of testing (blood, fecal, tissue, etc.) through the Animal Health Laboratory at University of Guelph.


Our veterinarians are certified to provide one-on-one ProAction training and consultation. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate the stress of adapting to new and changing regulations.


Upper Grand Vets offers 24/7 emergency service to current patients, with a veterinarian always available via live answering service.  Our veterinarians offer phone consultation and immediate on-farm treatment.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 519-767-9191.


Our veterinarians are CFIA-accredited for cattle exportation. Please contact the clinic for further information.

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