Fall Processing

September 4, 2020

September can be a beautiful time of year; though the days are dimming, the sunshine is bright, the air is clear, and the temperature is comfortable for cows (and their owners). It is also an opportune time to ensure your herd is healthy and prepared for the cold months ahead. Here are some advantages to a veterinary visit this month:

Pregnancy diagnosis

  • simple and inexpensive, can be done 1 month after breeding
  • finding open cows early will save you on feeding cost and inventory of forages; it is often economic to cull an open cow and not compound expenses into the following breeding season
  • Consider a breeding soundness exam on your bull to ensure he will be productive instead of taking a risk with time


  • calves are vulnerable and undergo many stresses with weaning, castration, weather, shipping and going to stockyards; vaccinate for respiratory disease before this and split up the stressors to keep calves healthy
    • Vaccinated, dehorned, and dewormed calves bring better sales price
  • Protect your pregnant cows from aborting and respiratory disease

Strategic Deworming

  • Intestinal worms have peak burdens in July/August; deworming most of the herd can reduce the parasite load and allow weight gain before winter
  • Worms can hibernate in cattle over the winter and cause disease in the spring; deworming this fall can help keep cattle healthy and conditioned


  • Processed cattle bring a better price at the sale barn
  • Dehorned animals are safer to handle, and prevent injuries to other animals
  • We provide pain medication and local anesthetic to keep the process humane and less stressful

If handling facilities are unavailable and you would like to have a herd check with your cattle talk to us about our portable chute and gating system to help you and your cattle. Those that can book during a weekday will save with a reduced call fee. Good luck with corn harvest and any last hay you can get!

If you have any questions on these or other topics, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Veterinarians.

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